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VEGAN Handbags

About our Vegan Handbags

Our vegan bags as well as all of our products are 100% Cruelty Free. We are proud to be among the vegan brands that make vegan fashion accessible to everyone – even to non-vegan people; at Benga Rabbit we believe that a simple choice like deciding to buy a vegan cruelty free handbags is an easy choice once you understand that you have the power to reduce animal suffering by doing so. Join the trend: choose from our collection of high quality bags with original and unique prints. Our line of vegan products include: vegan messenger bags, backpack, laptop & iPad cases, handbags and wallets.

100% cruelty free Handbags

Benga Rabbit’s cruelty free vegan bags and products are made in the USA with quality in mind and with great respect for details. Our vegan products come with a unique printed artwork on every one of them. Our designs correspond with urban and digital culture but we try to add some creative twist to our designs. Each print is a mixture of different moods, colors and symbols made with the intention to make you feel something. It’s an art.

Ethical fashion is the name of the game. Be part of the movement. Join those who are following their heart in a way that is both ethical and fashionable. What we wear carries a strong message to those around us. At Benga Rabbit we make Cruelty Free handbags look like we believe they deserve to look like.