Top 5 Cruelty-Free Fashion Blogs

In Benga Rabbit we’re always happy to find out other individuals or organization that are taking part in this revolution towards a cruelty free and sustainable world.

Vegan Fashion Trends in 2018

Update your closet with fantastic fashion trends that show that you care about animals and the environment. How? Simple! There are some great vegan fashion trends that you will find

Bag Gifts for your Vegan Student Friend in 2018

As the world is growing old year by year, it has featured one advancement or another in different sectors of human endeavor. These advancements, in turn, made people grow passion

Benga Rabbit: Vegan is the New Black

Welcome to the world of Benga Rabbit. Here, bags are handmade just for you—but, be prepared. Benga Rabbit bags aren’t like every other bag out there. At Benga Rabbit, our

Vegans and their Bags

Today, consumers are becoming more aware of the human options for fashion handbags. The Revolution in the Protection of Animals and the Environment has created many opportunities for cruelty-free vegan

Bag Revolution: Benga Rabbit’s Love for Vegans & the People

A revolution starts with the burning desire in one person or a group of people towards something; something that they feel should have a new shift for a new horizon.

In early 2000’s Oren was looking for a bag he could use for everyday lifestyle, working, shopping the markets and going out with friends. He just couldn’t find anything NOT-BORING…