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Vegan Fashion Trends in 2018

by | Feb 25, 2018 | 5 comments

Update your closet with fantastic fashion trends that show that you care about animals and the environment. How? Simple! There are some great vegan fashion trends that you will find fascinating. If you want to rock 2018 uniquely, check out some of the vegan fashions trends in 2018 that you should give a try.

1. Satin Dresses

Since silk has been identified as a major environmentally damaging material used in fashion, there is a need for a replacement. Can you guess what the perfect replacement for silk dresses is? Satin dresses! Yes. Other substitutes for silk include acrylic, bamboo, hemp, linen, organic cotton, polyester, spandex, and rayon. All these substitutes have been proven to be actually far less damaging when compared to silk. Anyway, satin vegan dresses are making wave in 2018.

2. Fruit Leather

Don’t be surprised. Fruit leather may sound odd, but there is actually something like that. Recently, innovative technologies have allowed the manufacturing of strong, long-lasting cruelty-free leather. Waste from a number of fruits such as apple, pineapple and so on are being used to create fruit leather as a replacement for animal leather. And this is making wave in the fashion industry. Amazing, right?

3. Velvet

Velvet has been a part of the fashion industry for a long time. It remains fascination every year. Almost every woman (if not every woman) has this in her closet, but as you can see, velvet (and specifically a velvet jacket) is great choice also for the vegan man. Get yours if you don’t already have stuff like that – check online or visit a nearby clothing store and get any velvet clothing item such as velvet jumpsuit, flared pants as well as shoes. BTW, we think a velvet jacket like this is a perfect match with one of our vegan handbags.

4. Lavender

When it comes to clothing and makeup, lavender is already becoming one of the leading colors in the fashion industry. It is perfect wear, especially during spring.

5. Corduroy

We all know that corduroy still rocks today, even though it started making wave in the 70s. You can still stand out wearing corduroy in jackets, pants or other clothing items in 2018.

6. White Boots

Yes, white boots are also making wave in the fashion world. Bhava Studio and a number of other brands are promoting this item as an extraordinary fashion trend to try out in 2018. So get the white vegan leather boots and join the fashion trend.

7. Fanny Packs

This may be from the 90s, but it is still making wave currently. You can still rock the fanny pack or belt bag like it was the 90s.

8. Graphic Tees and Sweatshirts

Yes, this is another fashion trend. Express yourself with amazing graphic shirt or sweatshirt in 2018.

9. Raincoats and Windbreakers

Do you PVC, vegan patent leather, and vinyl can be used to make eye-catching jackets like those from the 90s? Yes, it is possible. In fact, it is currently becoming trendy in 2018.

10. Teddy Coats

The fashion world is being invaded by amazing cuddly, cruelty-free, fuzzy coats. These coats give you that warm comfy feeling you desire. So get yours as soon as possible.

Go vegan with your clothing and still look outstanding. Try out the fashion trends mentioned above and be a part of the trends.

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