About Us

In early 2000’s Oren was looking for a bag he could use for everyday lifestyle, working, shopping the markets and going out with friends. He just couldn’t find anything NOT-BORING… So in 2005, together with his friends, he decided to create a bag that had style, function and original. It worked -This was the birth of Benga Rabbit!

Benga Rabbit is design driven and produces quality products with a fine regard for detail. All products have an artwork print, a design or collage that comes from the heart and mental state of our art-director and designers. It exudes the good times and the harder, the darker and the colorful. Our designs correspond with urban and digital culture, but we try to add some creative twist. Each print is a mixture of different moods, colors and symbols made with the intention to make you feel something. It’s an art.

Ethical fashion has always been a priority for Benga Rabbit to achieve in every product that is created. Benga Rabbit products are 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free because WE CARE. We are proud to be among the vegan brands that make vegan fashion accessible to YOU – even if you don’t follow a vegan lifestyle. We believe that a simple choice like deciding to buy a vegan cruelty free handbag is an easy choice to reduce animal suffering by doing so. Join the trend!