Benga Rabbit

About The Benga Rabbit Group

Benga Rabbit has been serving the alternative community with urban fashion since 2005. Roots in Tel Aviv, hearts left in NYC, hats hung in Miami. Inspired by street culture everywhere they go, The Benga Rabbit group is a brand for the people.

Toeing the line between illegal and viral, street art is evocative. The artwork featured in the brand’s products and prints is a blend of collage and digital design, born entirely by the collective.

Not your average alternative apparel. Benga Rabbit promotes inclusiveness and understanding. The brand has a different perspective on the stereotypical generation-clash that is urban culture.

“I don’t want it to be a war between generations. Many customers are buying our pieces for the younger generation to show they understand each other.”

Benga Rabbit Partner

Artist & Curator

Combining edgy, sensory street culture with digital art, Benga Rabbit designs apparel to make a statement. Stand out with ethical, street-inspired clothes and accessories.

A Message From The Group

The Benga Rabbit group believes animals shouldn’t have to suffer for our self-expression.
We carefully inspect each part of the manufacturing process to ensure our lines are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.