Benga Rabbit


by | Sep 30, 2015

In early 2000’s Oren was looking for a bag he could use for everyday lifestyle, working, shopping the markets and going out with friends. He just couldn’t find anything NOT-BORING… So in 2005, together with his friend, he decided to create a bag that had style, function and original. It worked-This was the birth of Benga Rabbit!

Benga Rabbit is design driven and produces quality products with a fine regard for detail. All products have an artwork print, a design that comes from the heart and mental state of our art-director and designers. Each print exudes the good times and the harder, the darker and the colorful, making it speak to you.

Ethical fashion has always been a priority for Benga Rabbit to achieve in every product that is created. Benga Rabbit products are 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free because WE CARE.

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