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Graffiti and Street Art in Zurich

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I visited Zurich in April 2021, aiming to walk around, document the city’s street art and enjoy some fine cuisine. Unlike the sleepy city that I remembered from my visit a decade ago – I discovered a vibrant and interesting city, filled with thousands of creations made by various street artists applying different techniques.

I started roaming the city with the help of Dmitry Laptev, who devised a street art map of Zurich. The map does not contain all of the creations, but it definitely directs you to central areas in the city.

Where to graffiti and street art in Zurich:

  1. Around the railroad tracks and railway stations throughout the city and in the suburbs.
  2. In several neighborhoods and areas in the city’s center – To be listed later.
  3. Community/cultural centers focusing on street art – To be listed later.
  4. Graffiti bombing on vehicles and train cars.

The post below presents dozens of photos taken from the 400 graffiti and street art creations that I shot  and saw throughout Zurich.

About Dror Hadadi

About Dror Hadadi

Hi, my name is Dror Hadadi, a street-art artist and Urban blogger from Tel Aviv, Israel. I have always been drawn to street art and graffiti – the language, the color, the social message and the kicking art. Urban art takes place in the public space 24/7 and it always fascinated and captured my heart.

My StreetSmArt blog was built as a ‘passion project’ with the aim of documenting and making street art accessible to all. To give eternal life to pieces of art and culture, which, if they are not documented, they would be lost.

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