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Benga Rabbit: Vegan is the New Black

by | Jan 16, 2018 | 2 comments

Welcome to the world of Benga Rabbit.

Here, bags are handmade just for you—but, be prepared. Benga Rabbit bags aren’t like every other bag out there.

At Benga Rabbit, our bags are distinctly unique. They’re fashion forward. They’re wearable art. And the design and materials are rooted in ethics. The material used for Benga Rabbit bags are 100% vegan and completely cruelty free.

When it comes to merging the world of fashion-forward design and cruelty-free materials, Benga Rabbit has been leading the pack since 2005. We were founded on the principal that having ethical standards didn’t mean you had to sacrifice a love of fashion, of design, of high-quality materials, or your own unique style.

When Oren was looking for a bag he could take everywhere, he kept coming up empty-handed. Until…he finally made his own.

The allure of Benga Rabbit is any style can be completely tailored to your own artistic preferences. Artistic prints come straight from the creative minds of our artistic director and other designers, making each messenger bag, backpack, handbag, or wallet more than just a useful accessory—it’s a piece of original art.

Each print speaks to the duality of life—both the lightness and the darkness—and yet, still offers a colorful perspective. Artistic prints can be mixed and matched with any of our styles, which includes the Dolly Bag, the Freshman Messenger, the Student Messenger, the Eskimo Bag, or the Mini Bag.

The work we do at Benga Rabbit is rooted in ethical fashion. With each and every product we create, we ensure our bags are 100% from cruelty free vegan leather. Why? Because we believe that our choices, even in manufacturing a product, even in sharing fashion, even in facing our own identity, matters. Ethical choices make a difference.

Adding your voice to ethical matters counts, too. Though one is a solitary number, there is power in all those who band together. When you make a Benga Rabbit purchase, you are supporting more than just a vegan business. You’re supporting your own lifestyle, your own choices, and staying true to your own moral code. These small, informed choices add up. Over time, change is possible.

 *   *   *

We are excited to begin this new blog series to introduce you to to the art, the stories, and the products at Benga Rabbit.

What’s our hope? We want to make a difference. We want to make a statement: fashion and morals don’t need to be separate anymore.

Are you finally ready to stand out and be who you are…all with a pure heart? Rocking a Benga Rabbit “wearable art” bag on the street, as you’re off to school, or jet setting around the world with your passport in tow is an easy way to make a statement and let the world know you care.

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